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Hi! I’m Anjaline Yndigegn Hansen

I’m a design student in visual communication and interactive design at DMJX in Copenhagen

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Graphic design portfolio

motion design

Graphic design materials and motion design video for Fairtrade Denmark in the marketing department.

visual identity

A vibrant visual identity for Helsinki city in Findland that got a new dynamic visual identity.

brand strategy

A sustainable brand is associated with quality, making climate the primary focus of Lotus’ new brand strategy.

graphic design

Each animal represents a season: the lion (red: summer), brown bear (orange: autumn), penguin (blue: winter), tiger (green: spring).​​​​

logo design

BWP advokater have cases in for example cooperative housing, marketing, employment law and more.

logo design

Baby Finger Talk offers a course teaching in baby finger signs so the communication between parents and their baby gets easier.